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ENT Evaluation

Whether it is for an emergency, a quick visit before boarding a plane, a cancer, or a chronic problem, our services at ELIE CLINIQUE PRIVÉE have you covered. We offer services of the highest quality with access to a broad number of diagnostic tools at the cutting edge of technology: flexible endoscopy, videostroboscopy, endoscopic ear examination and surgery, sinus endoscopy, environmental allergy testing, smell testing, ENT cancer and skin cancer screening. We also perform many procedures such as minor surgery and ear tubes in the office under local anesthesia allowing you to have access to care on the spot and to recover faster.


Dre Brousseau offers the diagnostic and treatment of ear diseases such as hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), ear infections, ear malformations and torn ear lobules. She can insert tubes in the office under local anesthesia in most patients. She is the first surgeon trained in endoscopic ear surgery in Quebec and has done over 1000 cases with this technique.

voice and swallowing

Our high tech endoscopic and videostroboscopic equipment allows for the detailed and precise evaluation of the respiratory tract, swallowing process, vocal cords as well as voice analysis.  

nose and sinus

Dre Brousseau offers the diagnostic and treatment of nasal and sinus diseases such as septal division, enlarged turbinates, acute and chronic sinusitis, polyps, environmental allergies and problems of smell.


Dre Brousseau offers the diagnostic, treatment et follow-up of most ENT cancers such as cancers of the skin, the mouth, the tongue and the throat.

aesthetic care

Dre Brousseau offers services in aesthetic medicine such as the injection of neuromodulator agents (like botox), the injection of filling agents (like restylane). She also offers treatment and minor surgery for benign skin lesions such as moles, kysts and other lesions. 

skin cancer 

Dre Brousseau has a vast experience and a special interest for the treatment, surgical removal and reconstruction of skin cancers. She also offers services for cancer prevention and follow-up of patients who have already had skin cancer. 

medical Expertise

Book an appointment with us to avoid delays in the treatment of your dossier at the CSST to obtain your hearing aids and your compensation rapidly. We also offer  medical expertises for other ENT pathologies. Contact us to learn about how we can help you.

multi disciplinary

The contribution of other health professionals can be an essential part of your health care. We recognize the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration and may refer you to an audiologist, audioprothesist, speech therapist, orthodontist, dentist, oro-maxillo-facial surgeon, physiotherapist or other health professional. We maintain close contact with a number of health professionals with the aim to better serve our patients.


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